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Scottish Education And Action For Development - SEAD Fund

Last reviewed 3 days ago
SEAD provides small grants for individuals or groups for positive action, and campaigning. They fund proposals where the grant will have the most impact, for example, helping a new campaign to get started, or funding a specific concrete action for a local community. They promote social justice, with a current focus on climate justice, inequality, poverty, women's rights, young people and their global rights and health justice.
Funding is intended to help to bring woodlands into management; promote the economic and sustainable production of timber and timber products through processing; add value to local economies on a non-industrial scale (less than 10,000 tonnes per annum of roundwood for harvesting or extraction equipment, or less than 5,000 tonnes per annum of output for timber processing equipment); provide support to facilitate and enable diversification and to assist with the creation of new small enterprises and related employment.
Currently open

The Mary Salmond Trust

Last reviewed 3 days ago
The objective of the Mary Salmond Trust is to provide financial assistance to individuals and organisations in North East Scotland, which is defined as the local government area of Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen and Moray for: the advancement of community development, in particular rural or urban regeneration. Organisations and young people by supporting, promoting and developing children and young people's health, welfare, training, education, civic responsibility and volunteering for the public benefit.

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