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South Lanarkshire Council Charitable Trusts

Last reviewed 2 days ago
South Lanarkshire Charitable Trust comprises 50 charitable trusts funds/bequests established under previous local authorities. Each trust fund/bequest is restricted for the purpose it was set up. The most significant fund is the Loudon Bequest Trust Fund which is used to help finance holidays for elderly people within 12 Local Authority areas in the West of Scotland. Other Trust Funds are those held by the previous District Councils and provide financial assistance to organisations and individuals who meet the terms set by the specific funds. Within the Clydesdale area, grants are made to the elderly, the poor and the needy. Specific grants are also made for optical and dental treatment. Within the Rutherglen area, grants are used to cater for a free annual lunch for the elderly to foster spirit within the community. Cash gifts are also presented. Within the East Kilbride area, the grants are made to local churches for use in their charitable work to benefit the poor and needy. Within the Hamilton Area, individual grants are given to the poor and needy, the elderly, specified schools and youth groups.
Currently open

Grant Charitable Trust

Last reviewed 2 days ago
The Trust provides grants to Associations and Charities involved in work for the relief of poverty or suffering of any kind, for the preservation of wildlife and improvement of the environment. The Trust favours applications from the Dundee area.
Currently open

University of Edinburgh Community Grants Scheme

Last reviewed 2 days ago
The aims of the Edinburgh Local Community Grants scheme are to: Increase engagement between the University and local communities; Have a positive social impact; Create learning opportunities (including informal and non-traditional forms of learning).

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