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The Elephant Trust

Last reviewed 10 hours ago
Priority is given to artists in the fine arts and small organisations and galleries who should submit well argued, imaginative proposals for making or producing new work or exhibitions.
Currently open

Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Arts Access and Participation

Last reviewed 11 hours ago
The fund is to support organisations to test, implement and develop ambitious plans to widen access to and deepen participation in the arts as well as addressing inequalities of opportunity. The fund aims to help organisations to build stronger evidence about what works so that they can improve practice and achieve greater impact.
Currently open

Glasgow Communities Fund

Last reviewed 13 hours ago
Glasgow Communities Fund is a new communities fund that aims to tackle poverty and inequality through building the skills, capacity and resilience of individuals and communities and supporting activities and services that will enable and empower communities to become involved in the social, economic and cultural life of the city.

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